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Matters need attention
Matters need attention
  1. Check circuits and electronic components regularly to find out whether there are safety hazards. There are hazardous voltage and current inside the electronic components and circuitry which are likely to result in personal injury and even death or major property damage.
  2. Please do not use the equipment in a damp environment which not only accelerate the aging of wiring and electronic components but also probably lead to leakage and even electric shock.
  3. Please ensure that the equipment is operated in a well-ventilated environment. The poor ventilations will lead to the poor heat dissipation of the running electronic component and cause damage or even fire.
  4. Use the power lines and all types of data lines for equipment supporting. If not, it would cause damage to the devices and electric shock or fire.
  5. Please do not use the aging power outlets and data lines, not use the power supply overloaded. The overloaded power supply makes the voltage unstable which may cause damage to the devices, data lines and external devices and probably cause electric shock and fire.
  6. Do not put the power cord wrapped around other objects which could cause the cord to fray, crack or curl, and thus cause a safety hazard.
  7. Do not open the back cover when the equipment is running. Inside the back cover is the central part of mechanical transmission. The dust is easy to fly in if the back cover is opened when the equipment is running. The dust may thereby reduce the mechanical transmission precision, reduce equipment life, and even cause personal injury accident.
  8. The maintenance personnel must cut off the power when repairing equipment and meanwhile use the warning signs to avoid personal injury accident.
  9. When equipment is operating, do not put your hands or tools near the equipment and machinery operation area to avoid personal injury or damage to equipment. The operator with long hair must coil hair up and wear a helmet.
  10. Non-professional maintenance personnel do not free disassemble equipment or modify the equipment parameters of related components to prevent accidents or damage to equipment.
  11. When emergency occurs, please turn off the power switch decisively to avoid accidents or damage to equipment.
  12. When maintaining the equipment, the devices must be in power failure to avoid casualty accidents.