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Maintenance instructions
Maintenance instructions (Nail winding device)

The daily maintenance of equipment is very important which is directly related to the state and life of the equipment and affect the product quality and production efficiency.
Maintenance Details:
  1. Add oil to various motion structure every three days to ensure operation without jamming.
  2. Clean up cold welding mold, riveting mold, rolling needle mouth, separator paper track, supporting electrode track, foil and supporting foil table several times a day. Wipe them with alcohol to ensure the equipment runs smoothly while ensuring the product quality.
  3. Cams, gears and chains should be oiled once a week. Add 40# oil to universal bearing per week.(Slider should be added oil once a week. Check the supercharger once a month to confirm whether the hydraulic oil is in 1/2 of the oil Mirror.)
  4. Inject butter to each bearing once a month and tell the transmission section to check the screw every two weeks.
  5. Do not use water to wipe the paint part of the device. Instead use a dry cloth moistened with alcohol to wipe and use a dry cloth to dry.
  6. Do not use alcohol to wipe the light tubes and electrical eyes of the equipment. Be careful not to touch or crook the light tubes and electrical eyes.
  7. There are surplus glue on the glue and double-side adhesive structure such as the cutting blade, guide wheel. Clean up the glue several times a day to ensure that the sub tape-sticking is stable.
  8. Check regularly electronic components, connectors, wire, etc., to prevent aging.