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Nickel Battery Full-Automatic Winding Insertion Machine 

Equipment Advantages
High Accuracy

The overlapping degree of the positive and negative electrodes: ±0.1mm
   2. The separator deviation rectification accuracy : ± 0.05mm
   3. The separator tension control accuracy: ± 0.06N
   4. Product roll core diameter accuracy: ± 0.15mm
   5. Product shell coaxial accuracy: ± 0.05mm  


Automatic setting and boxing;
   2. Battery cell diameter detected, defective ones automatically excluded;
   3. Servo tension control, real-time adjustment of winding tension to equalization;
   4. Detect positive and negative electrodes, steel, separator and other material shortage for automatic alarm;
   5. Abnormal station can be displayed and alarmed sound and light on the touch screen;
   6. The number of production can be real-timely displayed to facilitate efficient management and control; 

High Quality

Improve the ISO quality management system to ensure the stability of quality from the parts to the whole machine;
   2. Assemble strictly in accordance with operating instruction standards to ensure consistency of the equipment;
   3. The whole components used adopt the top brands at home and abroad, to ensure the reliability of the devices.
   4. Double needles wind in a clockwise way;
   5. The limit of the electrodes and separators are adjustable.
   6. Frame structure, super rigidity, grinding processing;
   7. Patented invention for core mechanism, high speed operation and accurate positioning.  

Equipment Parameters
The equipment model XCJ-DC128
Electrode length (mm) 50-450
Electrode width (mm) 16-55
Diaphragm width (mm) 18-55
Roll needle specifications Φ2.5-Φ6
Production speed (pcs/min) 10-20PCS
Overall dimensions 2350*1100*2250