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Lithium Battery Three-Pin Full-Automatic Round Winding Machine

Equipment Advantages

High Accuracy

The deviation rectification accuracy of electrodes and separators: ± 0.1mm
   2. The positive and negative electrodes X-RAY: ± 0.3mm
   3. The tension control accuracy of electrodes and separators: ± 0.5%


Achieve single tab and multiple tabs winding
   2. Online real-time monitoring function
   3. Store various parameters of models and species
   4. Automatic dust removal and vacuuming function of electrodes

High Quality

Improve the ISO quality management system to ensure the stability of quality from the parts to the whole machine;
   2. Assemble strictly in accordance with operating instruction standards to ensure consistency of the equipment;
   3. The whole components used adopt the top brands at home and abroad, to ensure the reliability of the devices.

Equipment Parameters
The equipment model XCJ-3270Y
Product diameter (mm) Φ13.0-Φ40.0
Product height (mm) 40.0-70.0
Width of aluminum foil (mm) 40.0-68.0
Production speed (pcs/min) 6-15
Overall dimensions 2400*1300*1900
Remarks All-in-one machine