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Brush Foil Machine XCJ-810

Equipment Advantages

High Accuracy

The tension of the carrier tape allows the electrodes to rewind smoothly.
   2. The deviation rectification of the rewinding strip makes the electrodes rewind smoothly.
   3. The gap deviation of the positive and negative brush membrane is ±0.5mm
   4. The length tolerance for the electrodes is controlled within 0.5% of the total length.


The length of the electrodes can be set arbitrarily within the specified range;
   2. Just set the parameters after changing the electrode width;
   3. 1-3 segment products can be arbitrarily set;
   4. The rotational speed and into-out speed of the brush can be set freely according to the material of the electrodes

High Quality

Improve the ISO quality management system to ensure the stability of quality from the parts to the whole machine;
   2. Assemble strictly in accordance with operating instruction standards to ensure consistency of the equipment;
   3. The whole components used adopt the top brands at home and abroad, to ensure the reliability of the devices.

Equipment Parameters
The equipment model XCJ-810
Production segments (mm) 1-3 Segment
Electrode width (mm) 6.0-54.0
Electrode length  (mm) 30-1900
Production speed (pcs/min) 6-25
Overall dimensions 1500*1500*750
Remarks Standard edition