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Huge Bolt-Type Nail Winding Machine XCJ-9600

Equipment Advantages

High Accuracy

The overlapping degree of the positive and negative electrodes: ± 0.3mm
   2. The overlapping degree of electrolytic paper: ± 0.5mm
   3. The angle deviation of guide vanes: ± 2mm
   4. The overlapping degree of double guide vanes:±1.5mm
   5. The cold pressure point error of guide vanes: ± 0.5mm
   6. The dimensional error of positive electrode: ± 0.3% 

Multiple winding modes selection, choose 2 pairs or 3 pairs of guide vanes function depending on the size of the core-shell.
   2. The servo tension control mechanism, fast and smooth, to achieve low friction pressure.
   3. Multi-channel for foil to perform dust removal and powder absorption function
   4. Set foil size on the touch screen, simple and convenient. 

High Quality

Cold pressing structure uses a combination of pulling force on all sides and import pressurized cylinder; the effect is stable when riveted.
   2. The whole mechanical structure consists of high-precision parts; Electrical, pneumatic components adopt the international top brands;
   3. The part of the whole machine for loading uses rolling guide wheel, reducing any scratch marks during operation;
   4. Length is calculated by imported decoder with good accuracy.

Equipment Parameters

The equipment model XCJ-9600
Product diameter (mm) Φ40.0-Φ80.0
Width of paper (mm) 85.0-170.0
Width of aluminum foil (mm) 80.0-160.0
Production speed (pcs/min) 15-45s/pc
Overall dimensions 2050*1350*1950