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Boutique-Type Horn (Three-Needle) Nail Winding Machine XCJ-3600 

Equipment Advantages
High Accuracy

The overlapping degree of the positive and negative electrodes: ± 0.3mm
   2. The overlapping degree of electrolytic paper: ± 0.5mm
   3. The angle deviation of guide vanes: ± 2mm
   4. The overlapping degree of double guide vanes:±1.5mm
   5. The cold pressure point error of guide vanes: ± 0.5mm
   6. The dimensional error of positive electrode: ± 0.3%
   7. The correction accuracy of electrode: ± 0.1mm


Multiple winding modes selection, choose one pair, 2 pairs or 3 pairs of guide vanes function depending on the size of the core-shell.
   2. The servo tension control mechanism, fast and smooth, to achieve low friction pressure.
   3. Multi-channel for foil to perform dust removal and powder absorption function
   4. Set foil size on the touch screen, simple and convenient.
   5. Automatically correct foil to improve overlapping accuracy of the positive and negative electrod

High Quality

Using a servo motor, cam, splitter to drive connectively, station rotation is accurate and stable. Cold pressing structure using a combination of pulling force on all sides and import pressurized cylinder, the effect is stable when riveted.
   2. The whole mechanical structure consists of high-precision parts; Electrical, pneumatic components adopt the international top brands;
   3. The part of the whole machine for loading uses rolling guide wheel, reducing any scratch marks during operation;
   4. Length is calculated by imported decoder with good accuracy.  

Equipment Parameters
The equipment model XCJ-3600
Product diameter (mm) ∮22.0-∮40.0
Width of paper (mm) 19.0-45.0
Width of aluminum foil (mm) 15.0-40.0
Production speed (pcs/min) 5-13
Overall dimensions 1900*1100*1900