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Ultra-Small Lead Nail Winding Machine XCJ-120

Equipment Advantages

High Accuracy

   1. The overlapping accuracy of the positive and negative aluminum foil is ± 0.05mm
   2. The overlapping accuracy of the electrolyte is ± 0.05mm.
   3. The length tolerance of the aluminum foil is controlled within 0.2% of the total length.
   4. The deviation accuracy of pin pitch is ±10%.


   1. Length can be arbitrarily set positive or negative.
   2. The use frequency of scissors, staples and other wearing parts can be set for automatic alarm;
   3. Automatically detect and remove short circuit products;
   4. Automatically count the number of good product, defective ones; automatically alarm when set point is reached.

High Quality

   1. Improve the ISO quality management system to ensure the stability of quality from the parts to the whole machine;
   2. Assemble strictly in accordance with operating instruction standards to ensure consistency of the equipment;
   3. The whole components used adopt the top brands at home and abroad, to ensure the reliability of the devices.

Equipment Parameters

The equipment model XCJ-120
Product diameter (mm) Φ4.0-Φ6.3
Product height (mm) 4.0-4.5
Width of aluminum foil (mm) 1.6-1.8
Production speed (pcs/min) 40-55
Overall dimensions 3500*750*1700
Remarks Standard edition